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Need to know if I am getting a deal. please help

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I just got back from riding and a guy down the street has a 98 GSXR 600 w/ 4500 mi. on it and wants like $5500 and I could prolly get it a little cheaper. I just bought an F4 and love it but is there a chance I could turn around and make some money on this if I bought it? Lemme know what ya think.

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Hey man check out this web site go to motorcycles and the GSXR is going for $6115 high, $5610 average and $4265 low retail. I think you would have a hard time making any profit off the deal, unless you find a sucker. Another thing you have to keep in mind is the tax title and tag fees (at least in Va those can add another $100-200). Just my 2cents

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Kelly Blue Book Values:

Trade-In Value (Good Condition) $4260;056396&;rc;t&29&1998;Suzuki;GSX-R600W%20w/Fairing;44600;14095

Suggested Retail Value $6170;827068&;rc;r&154&1998;Suzuki;GSX-R600W%20w/Fairing;44600;16005

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My friend just bought an f4 for like 2000$ less... He was bragging on how he got a good deal... I went over to look at the bike and right away I saw why it was so cheap. No Valve Stems, Wierd holes through each and every bolt(not only that but the loser who sold him the bike didn't even remove the safety wire) and the tires wear worn in a racey kinda fashion.. I told him he Guy who had sold it to him had raced the bike but he didn't believe me.. I insisted he get another opinion.. I was right

Moral of the story, YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR.

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Thanks for the input everyone I am considering this bike and a 97 750 too so I am not sure yet. The bike has not been raced, it was ridden by this guys girl friend who could barely hold the bike up. the reason they are selling is because they want to ride to sturgis and he has a V-Star cruiser or something and she want a cruiser too so they are just trying to get rid of the bike.

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