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Didnt get a chance to actually read everything on the bike, except at a couple lights. I kept up with the bike as long as I could before having to turn off, but I really liked the look of it.

It was a 600, but the bike looked absolutely huge. The front was really wide and sort of boxy, the whole bike tapering to the tail section. The tank bag she had on there had no chance of fitting normally, and had some special straps to connect down onto the frame. Tire on it was the wide racing style I have seen on the new hondas. The only decaling I was able to make out was the big Suzuki on the front fairing, and a 600 sticker on the back tail.

In all honestly, it was one of the bigger bikes I have seen in the sport class. Most of them are fairly low to the ground.

Looking at the Suzuki site, I ruled it out as being a Katana due to the different fairing style, but it could quite possibly be the GSXR600, but with some different mods. Did they have a 600 Special Edition or something?.

I am going to go hit the Suzuki dealership around here when they open after the holiday to see if they might have one, just trying to narrow down the list of what bike it could be.

Even in the span of 15 mins I was riding and watching it, it has already become my new dream bike hehe. at 6'2" a lot of the sport models scrunch me up really good, but this bike looks like the answer to my problems.

Thanks in advance,
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