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ok guys, this one is big...

a member of another forum i post on lives in Tampa, his Girl lives in Montana... this past weekend she was raped, and it is pretty bad. he has literalyly NO money... i have startted up a collection for him, another member was kind enough to donate 125.00 delta miles to get him a ticket there and back. he is so relieved... the problem is that he needs to pay for taxes and fees for using another flyers milage. basically he needs about 125 bucks... im posting this link to my original post,

if you can find it in your hearts to donate anything, 2 bucks, whatever, i know it would be appreciated. i kinda know what he is going through, and to know that she was hurt so bad, and he is 1500 miles away, its killing him...

ive spoken with him at lenght, and im positive he is not BSing in any way, the man needs all the help he can get.

Im taking donations at [email protected] via payapl.

I would only do this if we seriously needed it, im sending out a check foir whatever amount i can get on thursday morning to him, please help a man down on his luck who is stuck with no one to turn to... we have $81 so far, if you have ever been apart from your S>O>, or have ever had a loved one experience the horrers of rape, please send whatever you can, all we need is another 45 bucks to make this happen. i personally have contributed 25... it would be more but my fucking car payment is due tomarrow and i am tapped. i appreciate anything you can do

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