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Need advise on Bike....

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I know there is a post on this subject but i have different requirements than the other guy... Im about to turn 16 too, but i am 6'3 and 250 pounds.. but i have short legs around 30 inches.. Im use to throwing around quads.. Now im lookign for a bike... i need one for a daily driver.. alot of aroun town riding, and highway... it has to be comfortable because i plan on riding long distances... I had a cbr600 f4, gsxr600, and maybe a gsxr750 in mind... please give input.. thank you in advance

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if you are going more for comfort rather than blow your mind performance i would say the f4 not that it isnt a fast bike or whatever but it is more comfortable than the gsxr's in my opinion

'99 gsxr 750 with some nice scratches on the left side oops lol
what about the kewis??? but i dont like the green :(

take a look at the ZRX 1100 or ZR-7 by Kawasaki. These are more for the street and have the abilities of a sportbike. At 250 lbs you might want to pass on the 600's.
check them out here:

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At 250lbs., I agree on the point made about looking for something above 600cc's. 750 would be a little better, but I'd suggest a 900, the Kawi ZX-9R in particular. It was voted most comfortable 900 by just about every motorcycle mag I can think of. 929's are pretty nice, too. Whatever you get, just remember to respect your limits and take it slow.

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would the zx7r be too small?? i dont want to over do it... i know ill have to take it slowly but by nature im aggressive..

Stay away from the 600s. They do have plenty of HP but for the riding you're talking about I think you would be happier on a 750. Look at the VFR800.

You realize that insurance for a 16 year old is going to be tough to get on these bikes right? ;)


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I've gotta second the motion for a VFR800-great all-around bike that might fit you better than a 600.

Beaumont...holy sh!t...they have motorcycles in Beaumont---or are you just trying to be a trend setter? :) Sorry, I grew up in Jasper (lived there for about 6 yrs.--6 long yrs. as a kid)and all you saw were trucks and ATV's. Man, I don't miss that place at all. But of course Beaumont is a much bigger more happening place right ;)

By the way, welcome to the forum--my job would completely suck w/o it. Also, watch out for John :D

insurance is going to suck bad enough with a 01 formula so a bike isnt goning to dent it much... hell im paying for it anyways. so might as well.. there is a huge bike rush around here, every one and their brother bought one... thanks for the replies


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when i was 19 i wanted a new gsxr750. the insurance was going to be 3600/yr. insurance on a two year old z28 was going to be 2200 or so. i'd look at something small and used. a 250 ninja call pull around a pretty big guy. hell my buddy was a offensive linemen in college (about 6'1, 250lbs) and he rode a rebel 250. it's all in how big your ego is. but no one wants to hear maybe the zx9r?


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I think that the best to start would be.... how much are you willing to spend? Also, my fiances dad has short legs too and has trouble when I let him ride my VFR. He almost dropped it a couple times (glad he did not though). I think that if you factor in the price of the bike and insurance, you might be surpried at how much different models are. Also, my insurance through Progressive, classifies my VFR as a cruising bike, not a rocket. Cheaper insurance (works for me). Good Luck!

It's only illegal if you get caught.
im looking to spend around 9 grand for the bike

Check Yahoo classified in Texas. There is like 300 bikes for sale there. A lot of 600's and higher models.

It's only illegal if you get caught.
You might write me off as an old fart, but I've been riding motorcycles since I was a young fart and I'm still around to give advice. I am, however, going to tell you what you need to hear rather than what you want to hear.

The sport bikes you are looking at are not good choices for entry level riders, much less a 16-year-old. Testosterone does bad things to teeange men's judgement, and yanking open the throttle on these sport bikes gets the juices flowing like almost nothing else.

Stay away from these bikes. First thing you need to do is call your insurance agent and check how much you'll be paying each month. Factor this into the cost of ownership. Then get yourself down to a BMW dealer. Look at the new BMW F650. This bike handles as well as any sport bike on the market, and has about half the horsepower. If it's too tall for you go to a Ducati dealership and look at a 750 Monster.

After riding one of these bikes for a few days you'll start to appreciate torque and light weight. After riding one for two to three years you'll be ready to handle a Japanese sport bike on the street.

Side benefit: the resale value of these bikes is better than the Japanese sport bikes. With all the money you'll save on insurance and the better resale value you'll have more cash to buy a better bike when you're ready to move up.

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You know, the "Old Fart" is right. :D
I started on small bike the progressed to a supersport bike. Try an SV650 or something along those lines. You need to learn how to ride and gain experience before you bring on power.

If your looking for a bike try this site

You get the best thrills on two wheels!

I know, I know- I didn't want to hear it either, but I'm going with photobug on this one, too. All of the bikes you listed would no doubt be excellent machines, but for the wrong reasons. CBR, GSXR, ZX-7, -9, whatever, please believe me when I say that for you- as a brand new rider- will never be able to tell the difference. There's SO much more to it than just twisting the throttle and "leaning" into turns. It does take some considerable skill to ride a machine like the above at the speeds in which their strengths really make any difference. Of course, you'd never think that was the case as so many sportbikes are owned by people that really have no concept whatsoever of the skill required to operate them. Just like the old addage goes- "Win on Sunday, sell on Monday." We all want to ride what the superstars ride at some point. And hey, why not, they look freakin' bad ass and have that seductive lure of ultimate speed and power- but how many of us are really ready and responsible enough for them?

I'm not trying to insult your abilities- for all I know you could be the next Bostrom or Hayden- but even though we're talking on SportBike World- I'd recommend something other than a hard edged sportbike for your first ride. Personally, I "learned" on a '93 FZR600. I loved just pointing and firing with my friends down straightaways- it was fun- no doubt. But I didn't really learn much about riding other than it was harder to corner properly than I thought, and that asphault really is a pain in the ass to pick out of your skin. Know this when you are trying to decide how to spend your hard earned $9000.00- you will drop it. Not might-will.

Just do yourself a favor and really think about it- alot. And make sure you take the MSF course if you haven't already. There are plenty of great bikes that will serve you well as a first ride. Do a search here in the forums for "first bike" and you'll turn up a ton of great suggestions.

Plus, the balance of that 9K you save on a less expensive bike could be put to some way swank protective gear or riding schools- both of which would be money well spent. Sorry to sound like your mom or dad, I just wanted to share the little bit of info I learned- hindsight really is 20/20.

Photobug is right on, except for that suggestion of the BMW F650- that thing's just ugly! :D Just kidding- it's actually a great bike, although not quite up your alley style-wise I would imagine. I could recommend my bike, the ZR-7, which I am really enjoying- but at 16 I would have never given it a second look myself.

But- if it HAS TO be one of the bikes you mentioned, I'd wince and say the F4. It's gonna be the most comfortable at least.


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Me and my friend just bought bikes, He bought a klr650 I bought a ninja..

I am not a squid just for the record.
It is all the bikes fault!!! When I drive my friends KLR 100km/h 60 mp/h on the highway is fine,I don'
t get a big urge to overkill it, but when Im on my ninja I turn into a Demon! (+200km/h bad!!!!)

To be honest I really like the capabilities of the KLR and have been thinking about selling the ninja and buying one!(Don't tell anyone though) Very Fun bikes!

You said it your self ...

<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Aril, Helvetica, sans-serif">quote:</font><HR>... i know ill have to take it slowly but by nature im aggressive..<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

And if you are smart enough to admit this then you are smart enough to understand that it could very well lead to your demise!

Whatever that little sheep said is a damn lie !!
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I know this could lead to my death and i fully accept the risk

I guess things are a little different down here in the southern hemisphere. Don't quite know how it works over there in the states, but here you're not allowed to ride anything bigger than a 250 on for 18mths-2yrs until you get your full licence.

I started out on a CBR250R, inline 4, 4-stroke kick ass little machine. Redline 18,000 rpm :D They only put out about 40 odd hp, but they'll kick most cages until the speed starts getting up. Top out about 180k's (speed limited I believe) ~= 90mph.
Don't see anything wrong with having to start on a small bike and work your way up!

RIGHT ON!!! my 250 R is doing me wonders. i love riding that little motor around. its fun as heck!! so its a baby, but who gives a f*ck. i'm proud enough to ride a little scooter when i was 14 and couldnt let go of two wheelers. i pump out like a hundred miles a day. daytona on my mind? ha! yikes! just doin for fun. :D :D

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