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my new favorite tire is the....

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avon azaro av40/39.

i just got them on & rode 15 miles.. so im still scrubbing them in. they turn in like a dream.. & once u r on your line its as stable as being straight up & down. the few twisties i get to hit on the way to work were nuthin. not near the lean angle.. barely had some cheek off the seat & i was only 10mph on the speedo slower coming out.. & i didnt even hit the gas as hard.

i will NEVER ride street 207's on purpose again.. even if they come on a new bike i buy.. ill spend a day doing wheelies & do a monster burn out so as not to waste rubber.

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How do you really feel? Well, Motor Cycle News seems to agree with your choice, although not with as much enthusiasm.

'98 Superhawk
yea, i read that article about a week after i ordered my tires.. i was pretty excited that i picked number 1.

i will have to wait till monday to see how i reaaaally like em.

What Kinda milage you lookin at getting out of them?

"It's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog. "
Hey Speed, I know what that means (wait till monday) YEAHHHH!!!!!

Speeddawg.....I'd like to see you workin those tires over.Right now the forcast for Sunday is sunny and 90...Monday they are forcasting some rain showers.If you guys are heading up Monday I'll head up too,but if it starts to storm I'm headin back into the sun....sorry bro I'm a fair weather rider.Call me Sunday night around 8pm and we can make arraingments to meet at my house for some breakfast and coffee if you want.Yellowjacket wants to meet on the Boulder turnpike.....don't ask me why.I told him to take Golden Gate Canyon.I gave him my #303-346-0656.

im looking for 3k... but im gonna try & smokem b4 sept is over.. cause i usually buy new tires in the spring.

it cant be rainin all over the state on monday.. ill be pi$$ed... i had to pull strings to get monday off. well my original plan (i emailed him private) was to leave at about 7-730 take 105 to sedalia then sante fe to c470 to that one back road to 36... meet at mcdonalds or 7-11 in broomfield. but breakfast sounds good... u r in littleton? or highlands ranch.. sw somewhere right? so if he dont want to meet then i could come by & we could head up to broomfield to pick his group up (he said he may be the only one.. i may only bring a couple guys if any).

ill be here until 6

719/592-4708 direct line or
800/344-4285 ask for the "library" then for cameron @ ext 24708

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