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She races a GSXR-750 and more than holds her own. Nuff said.

Ride Fast - Take Chances
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alll i can do is.... **drooooool**

i know i'll have a good dream tonight...

Too Young to ride, too old to not
She's a babe with great taste in bikes..'nuff said!!!Jimmy G....

I just made a mess in my pants :eek:

Whatever that little sheep said is a damn lie !!
thank you geoff.


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for more ramblings try cbrf2boy

Bikes AND guitar...Hmmmmmm
I'd like her to grab my guitar, rub her hands on my (guitars) body, lightly touch my (guitars) neck.

Rock on
Ride on


PS. Just so you all know, there is a small part of a guitar called a "nut", I left that part out so squidwanabe didn't have himself another "mess"

Mu toys,

84VF500F (RIP)
Ibanez RG
Ibanez RX
Yamaha acoustic
JB player acoustic
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I want one!!!!!!

It's only illegal if you get caught.
:eek:I'm shocked ya'll haven't seen her before now! Heck of a racer to go with the looks!! :eek: :eek: :eek:

95% of Harley Davidsons are still on the road today,
5% actually made it home!

Bryon Hart
Ocala, Fl
95 ZX-7
you guys make me sick. didn't your mother teach you anything...

and she's a shopowner
trade: professional racer / shopowner

Kyle M. m/15 cb350
"So many cats so few recipes"

"Big Dick's HARDCORE Road Racing School, where we drag more than our knees."

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Katja's been my desktop of choice for about 6 months now. If you go through the new pics of her, theres a couple topless ones but she's covering the best part.
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