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MSF Instructors?

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Hello guys and gals! Sorry I've been away for a while. Just went through a pretty nasty divorce and have been working hard to make ends meet lately. I'll be back in full force soon. The question is the following.

Has anyone here ever thought about becoming a MSF instructor. Up here in Minnesota, we are always looking for qualified canidates. It's a fairly rewarding experience and pays well for what you do. Look into it if you are interested.


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my friend and i have talked about it, we searched the website a couple of years ago and found no info on what the qualifications are.

my girlfriend is taking the basic course this week and next. i was thinking about talking to the instructors about it, but currently i travel during the week, and i'm starting a new business. :(

i'd love to do it if my life ever settles into a normal routine.


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i have. actually after my msf class they asked me & another student if we would be interested. i told them not right now because although i passed both the written & skillz test w/100% i didnt feel that i had enough road experiance (at the time 3000 miles in just over a month). now i am just to busy & am at a cross roads & can not make that kind of a commitment. but if conditions were right i for sure would.. we need them here too.. msf classes here are booked past october! (ps im in colorado & in october it can snow.. none to lots).

I am seriously thinking about instructor school. I hear that you can make some easy money just teaching others to be safe. I really had a good time at both of my MSF classes, basic & advanced. I just have to find 80 hours of free time to contribute to the school and I am there.

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