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May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, so we thought we'd get share some advice on safe riding.

Motorcyclists know how much skill is required in riding. You have to be aware of your bike, the road, the traffic around you, and most importantly, yourself, when you get behind the handlebars.

But even the safest, most experienced riders can still make mistakes. That’s why we’re presenting a series of articles on motorcycle safety, because you can never be too safe.

Rider Education, Injuries and Fatalities
Time for a reality check
Whether you have decades of experience or are a newbie, it pays to realistically size up this activity called "riding a motorcycle," and to look at yourself as a lifelong learner.
Insurance Basics
How much coverage do you need?
Are you and your motorcycle insured well enough to satisfy your state's legal guidelines, as well as your own risk tolerance? You owe it to yourself and those who care about you to be sure you are up to date.
The Truth about Drinking and Riding
Some sobering statistics on a dangerous problem
While no one will publicly declare alcohol consumption and motorcycling are OK, there remain definite problems in a culture offering mixed messages.

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First of all I would like to thank you for sharing such a good article. Besides I found something from the net which would add to the motorcycle safety.

You don't want to wait till an emergency to practice your braking skills. When you must brake heavy the late thing you want to do is lock a wheel. A locked wheel can cause you to travel much further than you would with proper braking.

Learn to apply both brakes evenly. The proper technique requires the front brake be applied by squeezing the lever rather than clamping down on it. Steady pressure on the rear brake while applying a steady squeeze on the front is best. Practice emergency braking in a empty parking lot till you can stop quick with out locking the wheels. If you should lock the rear wheel release it and reapply.

Locking the front wheel can be tricky if its released incorrectly you could be thrown from the bike. I personally have found it best to release both brakes and then reapply them. Learn your braking skills before someone pulls out in front of you. This is just another aspect of motorcycle safety.

Here is the link of the site from where I got this info.

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