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Just back from my third track day last week. I was psyched for this last one at Grattan because it was the first time I saw a track for the second time ....... until they reversed direction on me.
Initially, I thought 'bummer'. But the track is better in that direction (CCW) and I really enjoyed it.
The biggest thing for me on the day was (for the first time), a distinct change in my body position. I have photos from the first few days (and even the morning of this one), and I'm sorry to say I look like I'm out for a Sunday ride. Totally 'passive' body position and tentative looking.
At some point I just started moving off the bike a bit more and lowered my body towards the inside of the turn. It was the first time that my body was low enough that my forearm was touching the top of the gas tank in a turn. No big deal for alot of you, I'm sure, but this is major change (and improvement, I hope) for me.
God help me, I'm starting to think about faster lap times......
Who's headed to Gingerman on the weekend of the 27th? Two full days scheduled.
Oh, and remember the talk about the addictive nature of track riding? All I can say is that other than work and track days, these days I'm not thinking about much else.
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