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mIRC chat

OH yeah! mIRC chat! we have mirc chat on Tuesday and thursdays, at 7:00 pm EST (united states). All you have to do is click on the "Chat" button at the top of the Sportbike World menu (between "home" and "Menu") this will bring you to the second page that will tell you the above info, with a clickable link to "ENTER CHAT" when u click on that a dialogue box may appear, asking if you would like to download and install mIRC chat applet, by JsPilot. not to worry its all good. you will then be chatting (java based)

For those of you familiar with the stand alone mIRC program instructions are as follows.
1. download mIRC & install mIRC Homepage.
2. In options (comes up automatically when u start mIRC) select "Connect"
3. in the connections select "Add"
4. in "Description" type in "SportBikeWorldChat"
5. in "IRC Server" type in ""
6. "Port" should be 6667
7. "group" should be empty.
8. click "Ok"
9. Enter info in the "name", "email" "nickname" and "Alternative" query boxes.

Hope to see ya'll there.
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