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Greetings to everyone and TGIF
I've have been popping in once in a while reading different posts on this forum for about a month. The other day I decided to join. I figured that its a great site
and people on boards seem fairly friendly and interesting enough..and of course Im board at work helps also:).
been riding for a number of years since i was 17. not a expert or anything just your normal joe(no thats not my name) im 30 now and decided to buy a brand new bike because i dont like to work on them as much.
the 1st bike i rode was a 83-84 gpz kaw(my buddies),then i bought a 86 hurricane600 great 1st bike
when i was 21 after that a 87gsxr(wow she was fun)until i got the 93h2Ocooled gixxer. sold it 5 years ago and finally got my y2k gsxr750.

But great site and i will try and be on as often as i can.

(keep your skin, use a dead cow)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts