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Michelin Pilots vs Metzeler MEZ-3 and 4s.

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I own a 96'SRAD-GSXR-750. I got the stock Dunlop D-204s'. I ride my bike maybe 5 hours a month. It's more a showbike. I don't race so cosmetics come into play here. I'm now torn between the MICHELIN PILOT street tires and the METZELER MEZ-3 steet tire or the MEZ-4 touring tire. The PILOTS are a better overall tire but there's that neat look to the METZELERS'. Any advice is appreciated.



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ray since you don't want those shiny dunlops slicks on your show bike and now seem to be interested in actually tire performance, check out the pirelli evo's. similair build to the metzelers (same company), but cooler look and they seem to be holding up on my buddy's r1. and you can ask chris, r1's love some tires.


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If you want COOL loking sandals for yer bike try the Avon AZAROS, they look very trick, have a very soft compound and last about 2000 miles, but since you only ride 5 hours per month, they should last about 2 years for you.

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Being as how it is just a poser bike throw the Pilots on there, they are the most expensive.

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Go with the Michelin Pilots..they will suit your bike very well. I have tried many tyres at this stage and the Pilots are the best road & track tyre compromise that I have found. Excellent grip and don't take long to warm up. My current set have survived two very hard trackdays and some 600 miles of aggressive road riding and still have plenty of life/grip left in them. They are great when on the brakes too. I'm gonna try the Pilot Race tyres this space.

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