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It's been a long time since my last thread. I just finished the Motorcycle Safety Foundation course and passed with flying colors. I'd never been on a motorcycle in my life, yet I took to it like a duck in the water. By the second day of riding I was dragging my right foot peg on a few turns! Driving a manual transmission car for over five years definitely helped my clutch control. The class was intense. Three days of class and riding, 8 hours of class time and 22 hours of riding! I am exhausted. I felt like a contestant on Survivor, three students were counseled out of the class; seems they just couldn't get it all together. Too bad. They'll persevere, I'm sure. Everybody there really wanted to be there.

There were 12 of us and 10 new Suzuki GV250s, and 2 Kawasaki 250 cruisers. At 6', the bike was a little cramped for me. There were 2 other riders who were even taller, they looked like a bear riding a tricycle, hilarious! The instructors were great and as I said all the students tried their best. There were four women, 5 including the instructor and 8 men including the other instructor who'd been riding for thirty years! Wow.

So, now I wait 4-6 weeks for the class completion papers and it's down to the DMV for my license ammendment! Woohoo!

I'm going to look for a used 600. I don't want to spend more than $5,000. A bunch of us from the class are planning to rondesvous in the future to ride together.

Oh yeah, they supplied helmets to those of us without. I can now see how important finding a helmet that is the right size is. I was constantly tugging at the straps to ease the pressure on my ears. Very uncomfortable and could be distracting. Didn't help that my ear was infected from the beach water.

If anyone happens to have been in my class at the Nassau Colliseum this weekend, I'm Brian, the guy with the green bandana.
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