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Thanks to everyone who has thanked me in this forum and especially TUG who organised a top job on the car clean up.

Been away for the week so posting late!!

Had a bluudy great weekend. True i would have liked to take part and maybe will sometime soon. But to spend the weekend with you lot at Sepang was excellent.

I hope Olly and Bob get better real quick. I know how scary it is to find yourself in the medical centre!!! Thanks to the medical staff there who were polite, proffesional and very helpful.

Couple of memories.
China Volley ball team sitting on Richards Duc ( all 7 feet tall)
Tourists watching us spanner on the bikes in the car park in the blistering heat.
Seeing that most had colour matched duct tape for the machines ...fairies each and every one!!!
"Yes Legend, thats what a tyre blister looks like" you knob!
Arrival in the pit area and the look of total disbelief that we were all there and it really was going to take place!!!!!!!
The utter look of confusion on the faces of 30 blokes as the 3rd starting variation was explained by the chief marshal.
The race faces all the boys had!!!!!
The sound of the GP four stokes engin braking into turn 1.
You poor bastards sitting in the sun for 15 mins waiting to go out.
Driving back to the hotel with 10 sets of stinking leathers in me car. You owe me big time!

The smell of fear, adrenalin and petrol.
The atmosphere of blokes doin what they love.
Spannering on some bikes that erm!!!!! needed a bit of attention. ( Duct tape rules)
Being amazed that Bobs bike was hardly touched and he was F'd.
Watchin Simon ride like never before and the verbal when he returned to the pits after crashin while in the lead. Only to be out done by the smile on his face when he realised we could repair it.
How anoyingly cool slasher looks, not to mention how bloody fast that Suz is.
Good job the porta toilets were close to the pits eh boys!!
Wheeliing the pit marshals scooter in the medical centre by accident. ( how the F they could have designed the kick starter so close to the side stand is beyond me)
Driving back to the hotel at 1 km/hr with Bob, clutching shoulder, moaning everytime we hit a pebble. Hope yer feelin better!
Listening to the stories in the hotel restaurant and watchin the vid on the telly.
Thinking " You lucky bastards" for taking part and then visiting Bob in room and thinking spectating has it's up sides as well!!!

Watchin the Malay mechanic fix BC's gearbox in the pit!!! top bloke.!
Seeing the race faces at the start.
Listening to you all say" Well I'm just going to ride around and finish" then watchin 30 + idiots gun it for dear life off the start.
Somebody saying he didn't fancy going into turn 1 off the start, with a bunch of Malay guys who believed that Allah would get them through!!!
Seeing Olly in bed with a neck brace on and as white as a sheet with his wife at his side. Cut leathers on the floor!!
F'in scary boys. Get well soon mate.
Driving back to S and thanking the gods that nobody was seriously hurt.
Gettin the hump with Andy Boyce for asking me 38 times if his trophy was in the car. Well done Andy. (He needs a nick name)
Feelin privilaged to be part of a sport where nobody cares what you do or where you're from just have fun!!.

I'm thinking of opening a fireblade repair shop. Anybody like to invest in an ever increasing market.

Top marks to all the guys that took part.
Top marks to all the guys that crashed and didn't whine about it.

Cya all soon.

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Phil - thanks for all your help and hope to see you at the next one. I will now have to learn how to ride the 'blade with the back wheel correctly aligned!

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Thank you Phil !!

Thanks a bundle for the top notch support for the race.:D :D :D

Can defenitely tell you that I wasn't given as good instructions on how to change brake pads by the mechanic at the local garage.

Hope to see you on the track again soon!!
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