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Pacific Track Time is coming to Willow Springs in March for our season opener events at these two highly engaging tracks. Whether you want tight and twisty to focus on cornering transitions or the big track to push high speed handling and confidence, we'll put you on the track and get you into your comfort zone!!

Streets of Willow Springs, Monday, March 17th ($160)
Willow Springs International (Big Track), Monday, March 31st ($190)

Pacific Track Time events include these amenities in an upscale and feature filled day for riders of all skill levels;

- Catered full breakfast & Starbucks brewed coffee
- Great catered lunch
- On-course instruction from our friendly staff (including 1-on-1 time!)
- Novice schooling for beginners including classroom workshops
- All-day water service in the pits
- Special 2-up and women-only session (show your friends the track!)
- Lunchtime track drive/talk with instructors
- Suspension setup assistance
- Sponsor discounts for frequent riders
- 3 20-minute sessions per hour (Advanced, Intermediate, Novice/School)

Additional services offered;
- Michelin Race Tire Service (at racer discount prices!)
- Photography

Whether you are a new (or slow) track rider looking for the right place to "fit in" and get great instruction, or an experienced track junkie or club racer looking for a virtually squid-free environment, we think you'll be hard pressed to find a more professionally run organization with whom to spend your time at the track. Our customers are professional people who want to ride in an environment where the expectation of safe and courteous riding is a step above most events.

We offer the most upscale and newcomer friendly track day around at a highly competitive get more....simple as that. Read about us in Motorcyclist Magazine. Ask someone who has ridden with us. Read several of our rider's testimonials on our website: And after riding with us, we encourage you to continue building your skills by seeing our associates at Freddie Spencer School...the absolute best performance riding school in the country.

LICENSED racers and VERIFIABLE motorcycle shop employees are eligible for discounts at our events, and WSMC racers ride for a deeper sponsored discount! See details on our website. You can register online at or call us at 877-809-2170 to sign up by phone.

We look forward to seeing many of our returning riders and making new friends this season!

Best Regards,

Todd P. Robinson
General Partner
Sales & Event Director
Pacific Track Time
[email protected]
USA Toll Free: 877.809-2170 x903
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