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Hows it going guys, great forum.

Alright so I'm 22 years old 5'10'' 180lbs, and about to graduate college. I've been riding motocross for 9 years. Most of my experience has been on a yz250f but I've also ridden 250 2 stokes and 450s as well.

I know a lot of people recommend the ninja 250r, but looking at the specs I feel I would be bored with a motorcycle with less power than my yz250f(which I felt was under powered for some time, I just recently sold it).

So my question for you guys: what can you recommend, most of my other motocross friends started on 600cc bikes and told me I would have no problem if I respect the fact that these bikes have some serious power. I'm going to take a motorcycle safety course very soon and plan on focusing on building my riding skills on the road since they are different than dirt and I'm fully aware of that.

With that in mind do you guys still think I should start off small, I don't have a lot of money and I will have to finance a bike over 3-5 years or take out a personal loan to go used. So having a bike for one season isn't much of an option for me. If you guys can suggest to me the most logical bike for me, the advice will be thoroughly consider.

Thanks, Dan
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