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Looking for suggestions

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Hello all. I am extremely interested in getting into biking in the near future. At the moment I know absolutely zero about it. So, if anyone could give me a quick 1 2 3 of what I should do for classes or anything like that (should I take a course? I'm only planning on street riding).

I'm also looking for a bike. I've been thinking of the Kawi 500r or 600r would be good. I'd really like some opinions on this. I'm looking for a bike that would be easy to learn on, but still have enough power for whatever I want to do (I don't want to have to buy another bike for many years). I'm 6'3, 140 lbs., male, so might that limit what bike I could get?

On the gear side, since I'd mostly be just driving at (relatively) slow speeds in the city, do I need to fully gear up? Or could I get away (safely) with less than the "full shebazz"? How much money would I be looking at for all the gear that I should get?

Also, I'm getting really interested in the tuning and modifying part of the sport. Could anyone recommend some good literature on general biking, and some on parts and such? As I said, I know zero on the subject, so a Dummies type book could be very helpful.

Thanks for any help you can provide. This looks like an excellent community you have here, and I'd love to become a member in it. :)

{sorry if it's the wrong forum... I couldn't find a more specific one :) }

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Welcome to the party, GTEye. I'll be glad to make a few suggestions. As far as a bike goes, since you want a Kaw, I can tell you're a person of discerning taste, and refinement. I would suggest you look at a first-model ZX6. It will be a little more expensive than the bikes you mentioned, but it has a lot more power, and 17" wheels front and back, as well as more modern suspension. The 17" wheels will carry all of the latest & greatest tires, and there is a big technology gapo between the bikes you mentioned and the zx6, more of a gap than that between the zx6 and the newest models. You'll be happier with it longer, and it's known for being a roomy, comfortable bike, which might fit your height better than some others.
As for the gear, I strongly suggest that you get a full set of leathers. Since you will be just starting, there is a good possibility that you may fall. Even a slow-speed getoff can skin you up pretty good, and a set of leathers can mean the difference between no injury and skin grafts.
If money is an object, there are several sources of used leathers that you can get for around 200 dollars.
For tuning & modifying, this is a good place to start. Check out Muzzy's site, as well as some of the other performance companies. Buy motorcycle magazines. They are among the best sources of technical info there are.
Gotta go, hope this helps with your decision. Let us know what you do

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123= msf

no offense but the majority of your questions can be answered if u do a search of the web site. after u do that if u have more questions then post them. here is a little to think about while u search...

yes, take a course.. them msf course first then after several thousand miles some track schools.

u dont NEED any gear if u dont think u do.. what i mean is.. its your skin. 99% of the time my minimum gear is a $400 arai helmet a very heavy black harley/biker style jacket, jeans, military boots, & carbon armoured gloves. on the weekends i ride in full leathers. what im saying is its up to u what u ride in.. & what value u put on your body & life. some accidents will kill u even if u had on some space age armour.. others a simple leather jacket could meen the diffence between walking away & months of skin grafts.

your bike choice seems resonable but u seem to be a pretty big guy. i would also look at the sv650 or the katana 750 as well. any of these bike (cept the kat) can be kept & raced in a year or 2 when u decide to upgrade.

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Get a Kawi EX500, older ZX6 or CBR 600-plenty of power for what you need, and you won't outgrow it; when you do you can upgrade it easily. You're tall, but not heavy, so it shouldn't be a problem.
Buy ALL the equipment- quality helmet, gloves, leather jacket, at least; boots, back armor, leather pants if you can afford them. Spend as much as your skin is worth.
Take the MSF course ASAP or an equivalent; take a continuing education/rider school in the future.
Read Keith Code's series, buy the bike manual for whatever bike you get, practice, practice,practice; ride your butt off every chance you get and you'll learn more than you ever will by reading books.
And don't post asking how to do wheelies :)

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