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Hey everyone, new to the forum. I got on hoping to maybe get some experienced advice on what I should be looking at for my next bike. I've been riding my '07 FZ6 for about 2 years during the summers. I love the bike but I've been considering going the sport bike route.

A little history, I grew up in Oklahoma and have been riding dirt bikes since I was 12. But just a couple years ago starting riding on the street. I decided to start on the FZ6 because of its comfortable riding position. And I've had a blast riding route66 around my home. Honestly I'm not completely sold on if I should get a new bike or not. But I'm 25 now, and I've moved to westchester, NY for my job. I wanted to see about owning a sport bike. So with that said I was hoping to get some advice. I'm not looking for any crazy thrills here. No stunts, no excessive speeding. I obey traffic laws and am just lookin for a fun time up here in the new york/connecticut area riding with some friends. And It'll also be a commuter during the warm months. So what should I be looking at? Right now I'm partial to staying in the Yamaha family but I like the look of Gixxers as well. oh and I'm 6'2", 220lbs.

Sweet, hope to hear from you guys!


I should also say that I'm not here hoping to get an approval from you guys to get a R1. I am just looking for advice on whether or not I would enjoy getting a sport bike. What are the pros/cons I can look forward to if I were to get one. I don't consider myself a new rider, obviously. But I'm not gonna call myself a pro by any means either. Sweet, just put this in here to hope to squash any1 looking to bash on me for talking about getting a sport bike for the first time. (i've been reading other posts about "first bikes" and they get pretty bad.)
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