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Here are my suggestions:

Go to Home Depot or Lowes or whatever, and buy you a lockset(s). You can choose to get the same key code, so one key will fit all the locks. Then install them yourself. It is not very hard, if you need help call me. I have a hole saw if your house is old and the current hole for the door knob is too small, or if you have new doors. But it is really as easy as taking the one off and installing the new set.

Another avenue is to take the tumblers out of each of the locks, and have them rekeyed. I know of a place that will do this for $10 per tumbler. I would only do this if you have high end knobs and locks. Schlage is really good and is very popular at the home stores.

The last resort is hiring someone out. But if you want someone, I would call Aaron's Lock and Key, they are in Madison Heights. Their number is (248) 589-0330, kinda pricey though. You can also call Tom at Bud's Lock and Key, I'll get you the number.

Personally, I say do it yourself. If you need help, call me. We can do it this weekend.
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