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I have a friend that has a 83 v65 Magna. He wants it to sound louder, Harley like you know. Is there anything he can do to the existing exhaust to make it louder?
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GrCh35 said:
I have a friend that has a 83 v65 Magna. He wants it to sound louder, Harley like you know. Is there anything he can do to the existing exhaust to make it louder?
Cut off the will be real loud.......

Seriously, they make aftermarket slip-ons for the Magna, but it
wont sound like a Harley (thank goodness)....

The Harley sound, you refer to, is more a result of the uneven firing cadence than anything to do with the mufflers. The cylinders are 55 degrees apart and this creates the potato, potato, potato sound, and also much of the vibration as well. Honda discovered that by offsetting the crank pins by 55 degrees, the engine delivered more power and generated far less vibration. Of course, most buyers wanted nothing to do with this improvement. It seems that you must decide whether you want the Harley image or technology. Most Americans are choosing the Harley image by a wide margin. So we now have a plethora of Harley look alkies and sound alkies. No amount of modification will give the Magna that Harley sound. A four into one header system, if you can still find one, will deliver a more pleasing sound, and a far better sound, at least to my ears.
I hear you guys. My friend just wants it to sound louder. We knows that it will never sound like a Harley and he doesn't want it to sound like a Harley. He just wants it to sound louder and deeper then it does now. He just took off the 2 end mufflers and man is it loud. He wants to take out that canister that it has under it to see what it sounds like then. Do you guys know of any company that makes a full exhaust and jet kit for the bike?
Tell your friend to use a search engine...I was surfing one night out of boredom and found a site on Magna's...There is a way to modify the stock mufflers and make it louder with out needing to rejet...the site had sound clips as well....I 'll try to look for the site again and post it....

That would be great if you could find that for him. He don't have a computer so I've been helping him out.
Ok, I found that site you were talking about zr7rider. Didn't really understand the instructions but anyway. I have suggested to him just to go to like a Pep Boys or something like it and look at some exhuast tips, like the ones people put on cars. The bike looks good without them mufflers, so the pipe tips would be for cosmetic look and maybe a more controlled sound. I told him to keep the mufflers cause he might have to put them on when he goes get his emissions. Now, I also mentioned to him maybe lowering the bike about 3". Them old bikes sit up high and would look 100x better lower, he liked the idea. So that's what we'll be woking on next. I think by cutting the spings down we can achive the lowering. I'll have to look at a service manuel of the bike to see. Any suggestions on the suspention lowering would be great.
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