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OK caaants ..... time to get your hands on a little bit of history ...

Looks like I'm be moving to the land of smiles end of this year ... but spending most of my time on the move now anyway ... so everything is up for grabs.

Going from past experiences ... anything owned by me in the past gets elavated to 'god like furniture or bike' status and it's value appreciates every year :)

Just as BP (have you still got Ledge 1 mate?) ..

So then ... a list of the goodies:

2000 Suzie DRZ400S, a little minta, @$4k ... a ferkin bargin!
Samsung TV (ferkin big) @400
Trek Mountain bike, top of range, ferkin expensive, only $600!
Stereos, beds, printers, coffee tables, PS2's ....
So much shite ... it's all gotta go ...

P.S Tug ... I can vouch for BP and Charlie ... they were having a right ferkin top time knowing that you had shouted them for the room ....:D
1 - 5 of 5 Posts