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Ok, here is the deal.

You've got $2,500 to get yourself the following:

1. A road legal and road registered Off-Road bike.
2. In acceptable condition i.e some semblance of servicing such as fresh oil, filters etc
3. Gear for off road, such as helmet, cloths, armour and boots .... note, old road gear IS acceptable, provided it's safe.
4. Custom paint jobs ARE encouraged.
5. All receipts will be required, and checked to ensure total expense is under $2,500.

There is no limit on capacity, 2 stroke or 4 is fine.

Why .... cause it would be a ferkin hoot, and if there is some semblance of a response .. here is what we could do ....

1. Ferk off on a Friday afternoon's, ride via ROAD's to a strange of foreign destination, and stay there the night then off road for the whole of Sat to another god aweful foreign place to stay, then ROAD it back on Sundays.

2. Saturday, off road track day challanges .... somewhere in Johur ...

P.S .. for those carnts that have already invested heavily in such bits of kit, but have never done anything with it but putt around the roads in S'pore ...... you are excempt from the $2,500 rule ... provided you can demonstrate a 'stoppie' and a 'wheelie' .. to all that qualify through the $2,500 rule. You must prove you bought the bike BEFORE 1/3/03.

Arf arf .... ferk me this could be fun ... arf ...

Now .. for all you pricks that have just read this and gone ... ah nah .. not fer me ... too much .. not my thing .... well ... $2,500 is the cost of 2 sets of tyres and a shock !! .... but could well be a year or 2's worth of utter hysterics... and cost you little more than oil, filters and some stickers (if you by the right bike).

Also ... if you have thought that this session might get a little too serious ..... then this just might be the balance you have been looking for ......

Common .... $2,500 ... you KNOW you can do it ....
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