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Yup .... I think ...

Since I ride like a complete girl anyway, I figure I may as well get the Duke out on the track ... go real slow, change my name to Dickhead and generally embrace completely the idea of being a complete ... well ... Dickhead.

So ... If you are interested I have a bike which I am considering selling.

Details as follows:

Details of the bike as follows:

2003 model red, black, white.
Registered Nov 2002.
Done 30000k's
Serviced well ahead of schedule, every 4 months
Ohlins rear shock and steering damper
Braided front brake lines
Brembo master cylinder
Carbon Fibre front and rear mud guards
Crash protectors
520 chain conversion
Replica fairing including light (original fairing in storage to preserve, included)

The bike is in excellent condition. I have used it mostly for daily transport and have taken it for occasional use on the track.

I have only thought about possibly selling due to the apparent demand for these types of bikes. I had planned to ride this bike mostly on the track, as I have recently bought another bike, however after considered thought it seems like too much of a risk for such a lovely bike and hence I have been giving thought to selling it to an owner that would get as much joy out of it as I have.

The current price for these bikes standard looks around 15k plus, so I would be looking for the highest offer in this region, and I would sell the accessories seperately. If the bike is intended for road use, then I would not recomend the additional expense for these anyway (items to be sold seperately are ohlins shock $1200, carbon mud guards $400 and aftermarket fairing $800).

Please find a few more pictures of my bike attached and if you have any questions please let me know.

I would consider a part exchange for a four stroke trail bike ... like XR400, WR400 or DRZ400.

Thank you for your interest.

P.S ... so polite from me ?? ... wow ... maybe the new name change just might result in a nicer personality as well .... nah .. fark that ... your all still caaaaaaants !! ...


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