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Oh alright then ya cants.

Truth is I'ld love to share a beer or twelve with the lot of ya this New Year. If ever there was a most unlikely bunch a cants to get along with, not to mention really like ... it would be you lot.

As usual though, the organisation skills of our club have turned to complete shite ever since our recent reshuffle of the executive board. I've met them all .... they are all cants.

Just think of what we could have planned....

1. Start the night at handlebar and have Big Phil turn up last (as the entertainment) and demonstrate his highside stylee right inside the bar ....nice.

2. Play drinking competitions seeing who could drink the most (if any) beer from a pair of Tugs old leathers.

3. Play ... pin the part on the donkey ... using BC's excuse for a race bike as the 'Donkey' ... and all the levers, pegs, fairing and screen bits that have fallen off his bike this season as bits to pin on.

4. Hire a club (Mollies) and provide our own entertainment ... Silver, Boycie and Slasha could dress up like the three 'queens' in 'Prisilla Queen of the Desert' doing Abba numbers .... followed by Big Phil, BC, Tug and Flymo doing YMCA and Macho Man ..... Village People of course, for those of you cants that where not born in the right decade. I can just see BC in tight black leather, Slasha would be the Indian ...

Still, maybe next year ah. In the meantime, I'm starting around 5 this arvo at Bojangles, Railway Mall, Bukit Timah. Then catchin up with Carl followed by a party somewhere in town at one of Kels mates. After that ...... name the place, I'll try and get there .... just let me know you want a bit of LEGEND in your lives ... and I'm yer ferkin man.

If we don't catch up ....... love ya, go at it, and see you once again to do it all over from the beginning next year ... brilliant
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