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left hand throttle/brake

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Hello everyone, I was needing advise/help, first let me explain in short. In 2001 I crashed my CBR929 breaking my R. femur, L. hip, my R. arm in 4 places, every bone in my R. hand as well as my R. brachial plexus (the nerve strand that controls all movement of the arm & hand) basically ripped my R. arm completely off, it was being held on only by the flesh on my shoulder & what was left of my leathers. It was a single bike accident all my fault blaming no 1 but myself, but that's all history, here is where I'm at now everything but my R. arm is all good, but I have had several surgery's & nerve graphs to try & repair my R. arm but I still have no use of my R. arm at this time. But I have adapted & figured out how to do about everything that I have to do w/ the use of just my left arm EXCEPT get back to doing my thing that I want 2 do more than anything & that's just to get back on a bike & ride, I have adapted my Yamaha 4 wheeler by just flipping the throttle over to the left side & rigging up a cable & pulley for the front brake lever but the brake setup isn't the greatest & not safe enough to try on a sport bike on the highway, and I was wondering if anybody has seen anything that I can do to adapt the throttle & brake lever over on a 2006 600RR that I have just bought? I have searched the net but haven't found much for such a conversion & I know that I'm not the first or only person w/ a disability that wants to ride so surely there is something that I can do that will let me swap the throttle & brake over to the left side? I'm 35 years old & my dad starting me riding my first motorcycle when I was 4 years old & I have always loved riding so surely there is something out there that can help me do that, I just wanna ride! Sorry for such a long post & thanks in advance to anyone that can give me any suggestions.
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that cool

there is a guy who rides motorcross with clutch brake and throttle all on left side. i have a small atv that i am trying to get ready for my kid to ride he does not use his right arm from an infant stroke. i bought a twist grip conversion but you twist forwards to acccelerate when you put it on that side. trying to figure out another way. i know there are brake master cylinders you can buy for the right side. look for something from a scooter. you should be able to figure out how to clutch and gas with one hand maybe or put a gas pedal on it and use clutch and brake with left hand
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