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Light-emitting diodes, or LEDs, offer solutions to a number of lighting problems. They're bright, come in a variety of colors, use very little power, and they can be installed almost anywhere. If you want to install LEDs on your motorcycle then you can put them almost anywhere, though some locations are more common than others.

Headlights: You can replace the headlights with LEDs as long as the headlights meet the necessary regulations for safety and brightness as outlined in your local laws. If you're not sure if that's the case, check with your local DMV.

Under Lighting: Install LED lights underneath your motorcycle for ground lighting. This makes your bike a lot more visible when you ride at night, and if you choose contrasting colors then you can create some very cool effects to go with your paint job. Check your local regulations on vehicle lighting to make sure that your LEDs aren't breaking any regulations due to placement, brightness or color.

Turn Signals: Use LEDs as your motorcycle's turn signals. As with the headlights, light-emitting diode's are brighter than traditional turn signal lights, which makes them more visible. Additionally, LEDs don't heat up, and they're not affected by vibration or shocks, which makes them perfectly adapted for use on a vehicle that might experience both of these on a regular basis.

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Anthony Martello
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