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Laugh if you like!!!

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Well after 2 months of fighting with my project, I FINALLY got it running!!!My RF has been laid up for 2 weeks now, and I've been going absolutely crazy not being on two wheels..Being that it's cheaper than going to therapy, I actually rode my MOPED into work today...That thing runs like a top!!!I think I'm going to order some carbon fiber wheels for it, at lunchtime! ;) Oh well you gotta do what you gotta do...P/.S I was so hard up for a ride, that I was riding my son's pw50 around for an hour last night...Does anyone else start going nuts when THEIR ride is down for maintenance/repair?????Jimmy G

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I hear your pain man, my ride is down for the count. I'm slowly rebuilding though, but my nerves are wacked, like some crackhead feamin for a fix...


some idiot had to do it, may as well be me. :D :eek: :p :confused:<this one's me. :)


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Hey Tony,

;)In response to your confidential email, ;)

Sure I'll race you!!!!But I do have a few questions.

1st How big is the motor on your lawnmower????

2nd Are you going to be racing me with or without the blades engaged???


When you gotta ride, ANYTHING with 2 wheels and a motor will do. (IN A PINCH)

.................Jimmy G.....................

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I was reduced to riding my moped too. Ever notice how unstable a moped feels in a lean? Unfortunately it broke down also so I was reduced to running until I got my F4. Woohoo! I've been saved!

little more lean, little more, little, oh shit. Running along the canyons just doesn't feel the same...
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