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I just watched the Las Vegas Knights tape. I wanted to let you all know what I think of it.

Five ***** being "THE SHIT" (Awesome)

Production Value ****
Stunt Originality ****
Crashes *****
Hot Chicks ***
Music ***
Trick Dificulty *****
Over All ****

I have to say I have seen nearly all of the stunt vids out there, and kinda have become imune to stunt vids due to seeing great tricks everyday I ride thanks to the bad asses I ride with. And while watching this video more then once I caught myself going "DAMN" or "OHH F_CK!" lol I have never seen any one wheelie as long as these guys where doing on the GRC mini motos. Not to mention down the Las Vegas strip. I also have to comment on thier skill especially up there (Vegas) Last year myself and a few of the guys went to Vegas and the roads are so slippery up there. Alot of wheelies turn into burnouts lol. So I have a degree of respect for people up there not killing themselves. I saw some shit I never have seen in videos before.

As far as the "PAULY LVX FACTOR" gimme a break. We all have our opinions, and I hope this doesn't turn into a name bashing session like the previous lvx threads. From my experience I haven't seen to many "MILL RATS" do half of the stuff contained on these tapes. The closest people I have seen to these guys are Gixxer Mike L, and no matter if you hate him or not SUPER MIKE. Basically all I'm asking is give it a view and reply with your unbiased opinions. I'm curious what everyone thinks.

Chris (RR)
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