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Just ran accross this, thought I would spread the word.

Here is a cut and past from this link

KTM Demo Day October 16th!

Ride the latest KTM SuperMoto bikes for FREE.

Bring your riding gear for motocross/roadrace and you will be able to test ride the KTM 450SMR & KTM 525 SMR. Full- On Supermoto racers from KTM. The 2005 AMA Unlimited Supermoto Champion Won on a KTM!!!!!

So come on out, bring a friend, and RIDE!!!!!!

Have your own bike ????? 30$ and ride all day...

Tire rules: No knobbys, rear tire must be 75% street tread; front tire must be 50% street tread.

All motorcycles welcome. Just make sure you have NO oil, gas, or coolant leaks, and that your bike is in good running condition and is safe to ride. THAT'S IT!!!!!

So put some street tires on your dirt bike and see what all the HYPE IS ABOUT!!!!!!!!!

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I honestly think my next bike will be a SM, less hassel and headache.... drop it and at best it cost a $100

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hellsnat said:
Papa smirf will be there!
LMAO.... you gonna see if they can match one to your suit ;)

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