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The rally was a success with a total of 467 bikes registered.The weather did not co-operate as it was spotty showers the whole weekend with sunshine sprinkled here and there and temps did not break 20c(70f).I believe 8 bikes went off the road with 2 involving ambulances.On the poker run on saturday we all had to gas up at a Petro-Can in Rock Creek with 300 bikes all lined up for gas.I had already filled up and parked off to the side when a crunch was heard,I turned around and saw a Honda CBR600F4(red) on its left side,the owner just stood there in disbelief his hands to his head.The bike was picked up and was leaking oil and no one was on it at the time.Some poeple have speculated that when the bike was moved forward toward the pumps that the owner did not make sure that the sidestand was fully extended.I later heard that JB weld was used to patch the cover and was able to make it to Kelowna for a new cover.Bummer.A dyno was set up but apparentely rain got into some delicate electronics which prevented anyone from doing any dyno runs.Another bummer.But overall is was a fun weekend.....

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