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I just wanted to say hi and Introduce myself. My name is Tony and I ride a 2006 Gixxer 1k

My wife Tracey, rides an 06' R1 SE.

We've been riding for around 26 years on the street and met at my wifes family owned Yamaha dealership.They sold it several years ago, but she is still a Yamaha girl at heart!
We love our sport and take riding very seriously wearing the proper gear at all times. I am currently rehabing froma naccident last year where my left hand was crushed so my riding time is limited. An 84 year old lady pulled out across oncoming traffic without looking and I had nowhere to go. My 600rr was totalled and I almost lost three fingers on my left hand. Luckily 7 months later I only have one bad finger left which hopefully will be fixed before summer gets here.
Well I guess thats a long enough intro, so I'll just say, glad to be part of your forum!
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