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Jamie Bowman Injured In Practice

Monterey, California, July 7 — AMA Superbike rider Jamie Bowman was involved in a single motorcycle incident at Laguna Seca's Turn 3, approximately three minutes into the morning's AMA Superbike practice session, according to a release from the track.

Bowman was airlifted to San Jose Medical Center at approximately 10:35am where his is currently listed in critical condition.

Event Medical Director Gary Zollner, MD issued the following statement,

"Patient has a closed head injury, severity is unknown. Further evaluation is in progress at San Jose Medical Center. Patient left (the track) with a pulse, good blood pressure, an breathing on his own (witha) suspected broken collar bone."

Any medical updates will be provided through San Jose Medical Center Director of Public Affairs, Leslie Kelsay (408) 977-7412.

Jamie passed away as a result of the injuries. :(

Chris Blackman
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That's unbelievable. I am truly upset with the ordeal. It just shouldn't happen on the track with so many safety precautions. :(


not that it makes teh loss any more tradgic, but jamie was only 25.


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From what dealings I've had with Jamie, he seemed like a pretty nice guy who had quite a bit of talent. His team was pitted next to us at Road Atlanta and he was always very polite and appreciative of any help given. It is a shame this had to happen. The sport has lost some great people in the past month.

My prayers go out to his family and friends.

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i think this season is just bad for motorsports in general. lots of crashes, lots of deaths & injuries. maybe its the motorsports y2k bug or something :( b carefull out there.

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