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Jamaican Update!

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Lawd haw mercy...mek me tell ya what a ting de island is mahn!

WooHoo! Can you say "boondoggle?!" Having a blast! :) Started the week in Kingston (shithole), Wednesday, drove those incredible ox-cart paths to the mountain town of Mandeville. Visited for a couple hours then started a 3 hour drive to Mobay (Montego Bay). Stayed at the Half Moon Resort until Friday morning then went to Ocho Rios for some diving. After the dive, cruised to Port Antonio to dive again on Saturday. Have to say that Port Antonio is the coolest place yet. Very quiet and not plagued with tourism. Arrived back at the Half Moon this morning. I need to go get a hermit crab for the "crab races" tonight. I'll paint the shell red and call it "Pete!"

I have an awesome sunburn goin' and everytime I reach for the aloe vera, I conjure up these awful images of John in a thong! :D

TJ and Stacia, the diving here is good, but not fantastic. I blame this more on our guide "Kingsley" than anything else. There was more than one time I wanted to push him overboard and borrow his boat for the day...dick.

At $20 an hour for internet access, I don't want to spend money to defend the Ducati's honor. Just be assured that I'll reply to those posts soon!

Mi a go now bwoy. Mi got a bokkle o' Red Stripe and a Flamin' Bob Marley wit mi name on it!

Yah mahn...soon come. :cool:

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Sounds like you're having a ball! Hope your little red hermit crab "Pete" wins the race tonight. It should, with Honda red painted on it's back. ;)

Don't forget to call us if you end up with a decent layover in Miami. We'll go for a cuban sandwich! :D

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Good one Stacia... Honda red Hermit Crab. LMAO :D :D A sure winner. It needs some HRC stickers. HONDA RACING CRABS. :cool:

Ride Hard!

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