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It's here!!!

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As of the 18th, I am the proud recipient 23rd birthday!! What? You were expecting something else? :D :D I must admit, it was enjoyable watching the responses to my original post. Well, now you know...and a nice laugh was had by all.
On another note, my shop has a new service advisor. She, yes she, is very good looking and is into sportbikes! Woohoo! I rode in to work today on my F2 and the first thing out of her mouth was about my bike. She's had a Ninja 500 and a Kat 600, but sold them. She claims to have a buddy with a Busa which she has solo piloted at 155mph...looks like my ticket to riding the beast...HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME....HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME.... :D :D :D


To ride or not to ride? What a stupid question!
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happy belated birthday bro! was it a good one? :laughing:
:rolleyes: :ban:


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