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Is bigger always better?

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I just sold my '95 CBR 600 about 2 months ago and I'm upgrading to the 750 class. The way I figure it, when I'm done with the 750, I'll probably want to upgrade again to a 900.

I do all types of riding: city, suburban, twisties, highways, all of them. And for all of these, a 750cc bike works just fine. Hell a 600cc bike is good enough for me. But in the long run, is bigger always better? I mean, sure, a 900 could easily spank a 600 on the track. But is it really worth the extra $2000+ for the average street rider? (Please note: this doesn't include squids)

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Bigger is not always better. What is most important is finding a bike that fits your riding style.

If you do long hauls a lot then you may want a bigger bike and one that is more like a sport tourer. If you hang around town and tight twisties maybe a 600 is all that you need.

I've seen 600 guys in the tight stuff blow by bigger bikes and leave them in the dust but on long hauls the 600 guys are crying.

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Pretty much what Dave says. It depends on your riding and your preference. :)

They say size doesn't matter. :rolleyes: Who is they? :confused:

I decided that I wanted mine bigger though. ;)


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<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by RCjohn:
Pretty much what Dave says. It depends on your riding and your preference. :)

They say size doesn't matter. :rolleyes: Who is they? :confused:

SHE decided that I wanted mine bigger though. ;)



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Does size matter? They say it doesn't, but I think it does. I mean my 12 inches makes her happy. :D OHHHHHH!!! You mean bike size. Silly me!

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Blenheim, I posed the same question to myself for almost a year. In the end I thought, what bike would I be happy with for the rest of my life, I bought the CBR929rr. Now I'm not saying that I will own this bike forever but I can definitely live with this bike for a while. Another thing is why bother with the 750 when you plan to go to a 900, dude skip the 750 and buy a 900 that really like. I also ride city, suburban, twisties, highways, I usually put 100 miles on my bike everytime I ride, unless I'm going to work. The 929rr is perfect for all my needs. Just my 2cents

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I bought a 600 and the day I bought it, I knew eventually I would upgrade to the 900... Here it is 1 year later and I want the 900... bad.... I can not say I do not like my 600 though, I do love it... it is a blast to ride and alot of fun! Go for the bigger bike!

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Another thing,with a 600,you would be rowing through the gears just getting through traffic but with a big bore,just roll it on.Less work,possibly more enjoyment.Your call.. "That which does not kill you,makes you stronger"(since we`re all on the proverb bandwagon)

i assume by 750, you mean the gsxr750, since no one else really makes one. kawi guys and yami guys can complain about that statement, but really boys...

anyway, the gsxr isn't a bad city bike, nice trunk, comfy seat, good windprotection, etc.

but i'd buy a 929 or r1 if you know you'll never take it on the track. only for the monster mid-range.

my 750 is used only for back roads use and it may get a track day or two (no taking it to work, 300 days or anything like that), therefore the 750 makes sense.


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Well actually on the track a 900 won't always
beat a 600. Depends on the track and the rider.
My bud Geoff, CBR600F4GD, can pull away from
me in the tight twisties cos the R1 is slow
in corner entry compared to the F4. Plus Geoff
is a really fast rider. For me, for the street,
R1 all the way. It's got the power to play and
good enough handling that I can beat everyone
I've ever been up against (accept Geoff).

For me, I'll never go back to anything less
than a liter bike for the street. For the
track I'll take a 6.


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Congratulations, if you are getting a 750 Gixxer.That is ONE KICK A$$ bike.I'd seriously doubt that you will outgrow that bike. It's capable of low 10's in the 1/4, and is about one of the quickest turning bikes out of the box. I'm totally in agreement on the fact that "there is no replacement for displacement". I couldn't imagine riding anything smaller than what I have. It IS cool having alot of power/torque down low. Why do you think twins are so popular.You get that Gixxer and you WILL NOT
be disappointed.It is one BUZZY M/F, though.
Good Luck and HAVE FUN!!!!!Jimmy G..........

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