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hi guys,

i completed the MSF course a year ago and have been riding a Triumph Rocket 3 and a Triumph Bobber for over a year, and i'm looking at getting into supersport/superbike track ridding. i have no interest in ridding one on the streets. i'll stick to my Rocket & Bobber for that, and at 50yrs with knees that are starting to crunch, and with kiddo responsibilities, i'm not interested in doing crazy stuff. the guy at my local shop wants to shove a seriously competitive 600 bike down my throat (or at least it seems like it would be seriously competitive to me), but i'm thinking that's probably not the type of bike for me, idk. i know i don't intend to be competitive (just enjoy learning suppersport type ridding, doing laps around Barber Motorsport Park or the sort) but i also don't want to get bored with whatever bike i get. all that to give you some background info to hopefully get back a better answer.

so i'm thinking bikes like: CBR 300/500 Ninja 300/400 YZF-R3

oh, and would i want ABS on it?

thanks for whatever thoughts you guys can give!
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