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If you had to choose, would it be: R1, 929RR, or ZX-9

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The R1. I am not a track rider, so all-out performance is not an issue. :rolleyes: (yeah right!) My decision is weighed by appearance. (R1 looks really cool)

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Okay Kyle,

For this I would go with the HONDA!!!!Hands down.. :) :) And it looks good to boot.. :eek:

Dan F4 Red/Black
I`m stuck on Suzuki`s and Twins.If I had to choose,it might be the zx-9.

R1 for me - I hope that it stops burning so much oil though.
929RR of course. :cool:

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Not that I've had enough experience on any of these bikes to warrant an educated opinion, but from what I've read it is 929 all the way. I like the idea of a bike with an engine like that weighing the same (approx.) as my 600. Quite amazing, if you ask me. Not that anyone did :D

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if i could keep my gsxr and fzr, i'd get the 9r. comfy, take the girlfriend on the back, highway rides, and maybe some bracket racing.

if i had to get rid of them both, and i did some occasional track days, but mostly street rode, 929. it has to be more comfy than an r1.

if i had to get rid of them both, i'd probably let my love of the race track fester into my decision, it'd be an r1. the r1 is awesome. but then again, i haven't ridden the 929 yet, anyone wanna let me try theirs out?


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I have always been a honda guy. I have never owned any thing but hondas but the 929 isn't much of a looker compared to the R1. So it's R1 for me :D

Kyle M. m/15 cb350
I would go for the ZX-9R I am a drag racer!! But the R-1 IS sweet!!! My blood runs green!

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Track Only: R1
Street Only ZX9R
Street and Track: 929RR

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the statistics for weight and power are fairly close for all three, but I would choose the R1, because it "feels" lighter and more flickable. I'd go with the red/black color too.


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Oh R1 ALL the way. Am I biased, HELL no, not at all( :p :p :p :p). For me the R1 just delivers the power where I need it most, down low. Most of my best driving is mountain twisties, not a lot of top end required. But for me these are the most fun. I can take my favorite ride in second and third and never see fourth and here the R1 just pours it on!

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<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Aril, Helvetica, sans-serif">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by RLJ3RD:
I can take my favorite ride in second and third and never see fourth and here the R1 just pours it on!


Love it Bro! Not to mention that you never
beat the bike because you JUST DON'T NEED

It's nice to have one of the biggest...
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I would have to choose the ZX-9R, as there are very few corners around here. And besides, everyone else ride the corners super slow around here anyway. People always give me the "man I wish I had the balls to lean the bike over that far" comment, and I don't even lean it over too far. So around here, I could definately kick some butt on the Kawi. And it comes in such a pretty blue. :D

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Is there any question for me? Y'all know I'm a Honda girl at heart! 929RR all the way. :D

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R1, 929RR or ZX9-R?


Whichever one I can get the highest percentage off MSRP, I suppose...

But wait... I probably still wouldn't be able to afford one.

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Track Only: R1
Street Only ZX9R
Street and Track: 929RR


robert didn't we already read this format in a different post??? :D

i'm w/ all the honda guys the only problem is they make 2 kick ass bikes, 929 and RC51!! oh, decisions, decisions!

ps as i've said i have to see the new 7R.

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Easy, the R1.

The Looks and the Performance.

But, I would rather throw a leg over the Y2K GSX-R750!

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Need i say?
It would have to be the 9R, The R1 is indeed a sweet bike, but they (yammies in general) are EVERYWHERE and the 929 is a Honda...

Id take the 9R for ethical reasons, if nothing else!

Fear Green.

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