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My first post here!

Since I'm new to this forum, and I plan on posting a lot, let me introduce myself to all of you.

I'm Bill and I live in Western Massachusetts where some of the best riding in New England is all around me. I'm pretty bummed out because its the middle of winter so I won't be seeing any riding time till March or April.

Here is my current lineup of bikes. I love the older muscle bikes. I still think its funny that my 20 year old Kawasaki still gets a lot more horsepower than the new hardley:

The first one is an '81 KZ-1100A. I completely blacked it out and gave it red lettering. The only aftermarket part on it is a Kerker pipe.

My other beast is an '82 KZ-1000K LTD. This is my project bike. I have the engine apart and I'm making a lot of changes. Lighter valves, radical cams, stronger clutch housing, 12:1 pistons, and a few other changes. It should be around 160HP at the wheel when I'm done, but thats a long way off.

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