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I hate the license branch

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Well Thursday I went to get my permit. I waited 2h 44m to get to find out I had to TAKE A TEST to get my permit(go figure). So I took the test without ever studying and I aced every thing but you can only miss one sign question. I missed 2 the slippery when wet and the school crossing ones. So I did not get my permit :mad: But thats not what i'm mad about. So I studied that night and got up at 6:30 am so could get there when it opened at 7am. there was a already a line. I waited around for about 2 hours took the test and didn't miss any thing :)So I got every thing filled out she was getting ready to hand me the license and looked at my birth day and said "wait a minute your not old enough" "but i"m 15 and a half" "no you have to be 16 unless your enrolled in a driveing school". Now I am a very cool guy I never loose my temper but I yelled something along the lines of "So I just wasted two of my f***ing days off and now you tell me! and some other stuff I don't rember. To say the least I was pissed. I work more than 40 hours a week(I have 2 jobs) I rarely get a day off let alone 2 days off.AHHHHHHHH :mad: I WASTED MY DAYS OFF NOT WITH MY GIRLFREIND OR RIDEING OR GOING FISHING BUT AT THE FREEKING LICENSE BRANCH SITING NEXT TO A SMELLY OLD GUY :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

Thanks for letting me vent :p

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You'd think with all the bombings and killings goin on, someone woulda bombed a DMV office by now...

I feel your pain man....rarely can you ever go into the license office with everything you need. They always pull some sh*t on you after you've been sitting there for 2 hours at there mercy...all the while they're standing around drinking coffee in the backroom laughing their asses off at the "cattle" sitting in the waiting area.

One of these days someone is gonna have enough of the DMV in some state and it won't be pretty....

I could rant about this one all day, but I haven't had to go there in a year

Hang in there man...I usually find it best to check the DMV website (if they have one). In AZ they have the entire Customer guide posted and it tells you most everything you need to know and have before you ever leave the house.


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