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Loose itenerary for first couple days...

Thursday Eve/Night. LA Bikers such as myself slab it up to Coalinga.
Staying at Cambridge Inn Motor Lodge, 100 Cambridge Ave, Coalinga, CA 93210, (559-935-1541). This is in Coalinga proper, ie not right next to the 5. It's about 12 Miles west of the 5.
Rates are about $60 for two person two bed room.

Friday Morning October 4th.
7:45am Breakfast at Cambridge Inn Restaurant.

Depart 8:30am

Los Gatos Rd. ( )
to Hwy 25 ( )

152 to G8 (Uvas rd / Mckean Rd.)
Almaden Rd. to Hicks Rd
Through Los Gatos/Saratoga to Hwy. 9
To Skyline (Hwy 35). to Hwy 92.
Some combination of Slab and Street to GG Bridge.
Any of a few selections to get to Hwy 1.

Maybe Panoramic Hwy/Ridgecrest ( )

Maybe Lucas Valley /Sir Francis Drake
( )

Maybe Fairfax Bolinas
( )

Then blast on up Hwy. 1
( )

and try to get as far as Fort Bragg.
That's about 400 miles.
May be a stretch including going through SF.
It'll be a full day for sure.
If we don't get all the way to Fort Bragg that's cool too.

Blast the rest of Hwy 1 to Leggit.
The last part of Hwy 1 from Fort Bragg to Leggit was being reblacktopped when we went through there July 22nd. There was a 15 minute wait and a bit of dirty stuff to go through but the completed portion after that makes it worth the wait. Schweet!
In fact there were quite a few small delays all along Hwy 1. But again, well worth the waiting. That is a wild, fun, twisty ride. Seemingly lightly patrolled on weekdays.

101 / Avenue of the Giants ( )

To Hwy. 36 the best road in the state IMHO.

After having ridden the roads in this area (36, 3, 299, 96), Hwy. 12 Lolo pass in Idaho was a let down. These roads are better. I would say the best in the State. Based not just on the road itself, but also including level of traffic, patrol, scenery, etc.

( )

Highway 36 the whole way to Red Bluff. Gas up and back to Highway 3. That'll allow fo hitting the best part of 36 twice. Thats the roller coaster part. Twisting and undulating amongst the rolling hills.
3 to 299. There's a few small towns along 299 where we can grab a bite and a room.

The route back from there is yet to be determined. I was thinking Sierra's but back the way we came almost sounds more appealing. I love Highway 1.
There does seem to be a couple roads between the 5 and 101 that cut south. That could be worth investigating.

It's all good.
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