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LOCATION: Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum (AMA Museum)
13515 Yarmouth Dr, Pickerington, OH 43147

This is for my friend Mikey, a riding brother (aka mikeydread or for description purposes tall goofy Jamaican on a green ZX7R and yellow DRZ supermoto) who is in the hospital from an accident on September 30th riding in WV. Although no one witnessed the accident because he had gone ahead of the group, they believe he low-sided on his supermoto and slid into a guardrail. Even though he was wearing his full one-piece leathers, gloves, boots and helmet it would be a head injury that would be most threatening to his future.

On my visit to him recently in the hospital where he is undergoing rehab he's requested photos...lots of them. So I want to do one better and create the biggest sportbike/supermoto photo I can.

This is my call out to you all who ride sportbikes and supermotos to come and just be in the photo (what else ya gonna do now that the winter is forthcoming). I've actually been wanting to do this for a long time anyways and this just solidifies the need for an awesome photo like this. If you ride track only, put your bike in the bed of your truck (or whatever) and head down there anyways.

We'll also be doing a cook-out fund raiser (rain or shine) from noon - 3pm where $20 will get you food, admission to the museum and a door prize ticket for the prizes we are trying to drum up between now and then!

Hope to see you there and if for nothing else other than creating a kick ass photo!
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