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"Five seconds? It takes almost twice as long to change a light bulb. How bad could it be?"

In motorcycle racing, or just about any motorsport for that matter, five seconds might as well be five minutes. And when you've spent countless hours testing and scrutinizing every possible combination of engine, brakes, suspension, tires, rider position, etc. on your bike to shrink those brief flashes of liquid crystal on a stop watch, those seconds start to feel more like hours.

With the Daytona 200 AMA roadracing season opener only weeks away, BMW Motorrad appeared to be in just such a jam, looking for seconds, during Pirelli tire testing on its new HP2 Sport in the beginning of December, 2007.

For 2008, AMA rules allow, among others, 990cc-1200cc 4-stroke air/oil-cooled 4-valve twin-cylinder machines to compete in the Formula Xtreme class. BMW learned a lot campaigning the then-in-development high-performance Boxer during the 2007 World Endurance Championship, so it seemed a logical choice to enter the 200. But like we've come to expect from the German giant of performance vehicles that does nothing if it doesn't do it well, they'll be coming with not one but four HP2 Sports.

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