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Hey everyone,

I am currently conducting a research project for the last year of high school. My main intention of this research is to discover how effective motorcycle gear is in protecting a rider from injury. From the data gathered from you guys, I plan to analyse the effects of certain products.

As well as assisting in my research, I hope this post benefits other riders in determining what products work well and what products to stay away from.

So, down to business!

If you had unfortunately fallen of your motorcycle, post a picture of your gear showing how well or how not so well it had done its job.
What happened?
The Product?
Circumstances (speed,conditions,etc.)?
Your opinion on the effectiveness of the product:

I absolutely understand if you are not willing to contribute to this post for reasons such as still being horrified at a past experience.

Please note that the contents of this post will be used in my research.
Thank you!

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I'm not going to dig out gear to post pics, but I'll give you a little input:
Teknic SMT gloves (1st-gen): Had 2 low-speed high-sides (>20mph). Both times I went hands first to the pavement. Gloves showed some signs of abrasion, but never ripped or allowed any injuries to my hands.

Icon Timax2 Jacket: Lowsided going through a corner at roughly 65-70mph. Not sure how many times I rolled, but it felt like 3. Helmet never hit. Jacket took the brunt of it. Slight abrasions on elbows and right forearm. Also titanium shoulder plates scuffed up but not deformed. No tears, and my upper body had no road rash.

I've never hit a helmet hard enough to say that it did a good or bad job. I currently have KBC VR-2 and Arai Corsair-V helmets that I would recommend based on quality, fit, etc.

Hope this helps.

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Here's the only serious crash I've ever had. Sorry, looks like the pics got pared to save server space.

Gear at the time.
  • Shoei RF900, no sign of damage but I crashed effectively into grass.
  • Sidi Vertebra (the originals) boots, no signs of damage and wore them for sometime afterward
  • Fieldsheer Carbon Race jacket and pants, zipped together full circumference, no major issues, continue to wear jacket to this day (though I despise Fieldsheer)
  • AGV Sport full gauntlet gloves, somehow got a laceration across the palm but not at a seam so something cut it (likely the bike as we were both airborne)
Basically I got incredibly lucky. I would go back to Shoei and Sidi any day of the week as quality products. No back protector at the time but I learned my lessson and wear one unless its a very short town trip. I'm one of those gear nazis, so always wear my race boots, jacket, gloves, lid, even riding 30'.

I'd have been dead without having all the gear I had on, especially the helmet. Since I have had many minor crashes, both at the track (my preferred crashing locale) and occasionally not. At least in the last few years haven't had one.

One other thing. In that linked crash, I am now convinced I focused on a tree off the road b/c of the typical Survival Reaction #1. Newb :rolleyes:

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Gear: Shoei Qwest helmet
Cortech textile jacket with crash pads for elbow / shoulder/ back
Boots: Arait Ropers

Accident : Hit from behind while stationary at 55mph , driver did not brake for 20ft after impact .

Injuries: Concussion , shattered right tibia/fibula broken left hand, sprained left knee and ankle , split lip


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