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Monty doesn't horse around when Greg opens a coldie

Aussie bus driver Greg Scrogings and his mate Monty, the palomino pony, go drinking in their shed together. The pair just love to veg out, have a rum, a lick of molasses and watch TV – the gallops of course. When friends visit, the gregarious Monty likes nothing better than to saddle up at the bar where his love of good times is legendary with Mr Scrogings' mates.

"One night there was about 15 of us in here when a big storm hit," Mr Scrogings said. "Monty just strolled in and joined the party. Me mates couldn't believe it."

Monty can be a devil with the drink. Beer he can take or leave, but open a bottle of Bundaberg rum and his big, velvet-soft nostrils start to twitch. Mr Scrogings is wary of letting him drink – after all he's only four – so Monty gets just a smidgen from the palm of the hand. His favourite is a good old-fashioned slurp of molasses with a biscuit.

Monty might be the shed drinker with the long face but he loves nothing better than a good old chat, a back scratch and a bit of an ear rub. He usually is restricted to the paddock but the cheeky sod has been known to enter the Scrogings' house.

"I caught him in the kitchen one day," Mr Scrogings said. "He'd pulled out bags of flour and sugar and thrown them around. Boy, what a mess. I guess the thing is, you really can't beat coming home from a hard day at work and having a cold beer or a rumbo with your horse, can you?"
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