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Honda Hurricane vs. Fizzer 600

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I'm looking into these two bikes as choices for a first motorcycle. In the used market they both cost about the same, but which one is better?

Also, which one is more likely to have cheaper insurance?

Thanks for the input.


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Performance depends on which year bike your looking at. The Hurricane will be the most comfortable. The FZR was a little cramped. Both are great bikes and I don't think you'll go wrong with either one. But the one that is in better shape!

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the only insurance difference will be year of the bike you choose.

the fzr600 is the bike that made honda build the cbr600f2.

either bike is a winner.

the fzr is better sportbike, the cbr600f1 (hurricane 600) is probably a little better streetbike.

i'd go with the fzr, only because bridgestone is still making decent rubber for it. sorry guys, i'll take bt-56's over k591's. plus there are a lot more fzr parts out there than cbr parts. and you can do 17" wheel swaps on the fzr.


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i currently have the 1000 cc model. if the hurricane you are looking at is the 600 i would go with the frz. i do like my bike because of the comfort. the seating position and the size of the motor makes it a nice long distance bike. but its also heavy and is not as nimble in the corners (of course that just could be me) as other bikes. another thing to consider is the $$$ and avability of replacement parts. i'm having a hard time finding a cheap mirror that matches the other one. other than thoser problems i like my bike. i just would not recommend the 600 over a frz. now if it was a f3 or f4....i would say go for it.

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Having owned both, ('93 FZR600 and an '87 Hurricane 600) I'd say as a first bike, get the Honda.

Why? Yes, the FZR is the better pure sporting machine, and rides like it. For a first bike- I'd recommend the Hurricane, as it's less committed and very forgiving. (Just make sure you find a nice one.) They aren't quite as fast as the FZR's, but we're talking about a first ride here, those 3/10 ths of a second probably won't be missed. The FZR is a great bike, don't get me wrong, but will demand more of your body on longer trips.

Either one will most likely serve you well, but I'd give the edge to the Hurricane, just because it's a little more daily-drive tolerable. YMMV, though.

Let us know what you decide on-


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I don't know which would be better. But as for insurance. If both are 600's and close to same year, and you will only carry liability, I am almost positive the insurance rate will be the same for either bike. So which bike are you getting?????


F1. Trust me. I had one. I loved it. I rode it. I wrecked it (third time it had been slide and all that broke was the plastic). I sold it for more than I bought it for. Also, Zero Gravity makes a taller windscreen for it (RECOMMENDED).

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