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Help...This is driving me nuts!!

Maybe I'm missing somethign and maybe I just need to take it to the local go fast shop and have them fix it, but I've got a problem.

In 1st the bike will wind out to red line and gives full poer the whole time. In all the other gears, somethign happens at high RPM. If I'm rolling at 7K to 9K and give full throttle I can feel the bike surge and then kidn of let off the power. If I start letting off the gas a little, the bike starts speeding up and the RPMs get higher. It does this in all gears but 1st, and won't get to speeds above 130MPH anymore. :crying: :crying: :crying:

What I've done to the bike:
Micron Slip-on
K&N Air Filter
Change oil and filter every 2K to 3K (I don't use synthetic)
I just change the fuel filter, it made some difference, but the problem was still there.
Neon, cause the glow makes it go faster ;)
I've changed the plugs once, which probably need changing again, but it's such a pain. (I'd rather watch the Motorcycle mechanic do it for $30 :D)
I'm close to 17K or 18K Miles
The only major work I ever had done was, warranty replacement of the whole Clutch and Transmission (hehe in the 11th month). I guess that's a big thing since it was pretty much a rebuild, but hey it was free :D

Other than that I've done nothing...I plan on new rotors in the next few months and steel braded lines and a good body polishing.

Any help would be grateful.

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