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I finally solved the mystery of the 2000 Alstare editon of the GSX-R600 that had Corona graphics on it. Went to the dealer that had it but sold it. After talking to the owner of the shop who so politely referred me to his son who was in fact the one who did up the bike. Seems he was bored one day found a company called Hi Calibre Graphics ( speeling right?) and ordered up some Corona graphics after seeing Chili's bike on tv.

They have another one but without corona on it, he told me after needling him for a good half hour when he has time he's planning to do the same to it and tacking on the extra grand. The owner gives him the extra after what the bikes MSRP and costs of graphics for taking the time toorder and apply the graphics. This kid knows his s*** as the last one, I honestly thought it was stock. But he also told me if I brought the bike from him and only him so he could get the commission as it is, he would order and apply for me for and extra 300!!

My question is anyone ever heard of Hi Calbre?? I have heard of Tapewoks but they wont do it! I want to check up on how much it would be..

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