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Hey everyone,
wow, this is a really great site! From just browsing thru the assorted posts and everything I already have been learning a lot and haven't even got my bike yet. This is a great resource. Anyway, I've always loved the looks and thrills of the sportbike, there's just something about a beautiful, fast machine to get the blood pumping....but for now, just getting everything in order (gotta get a helmet, leathers, boots, etc) is sort of a pain (esp. insurance, boy is that expensive!) Can't wait to get out there, though, hopefully on a slightly used Yamaha YZF600R?? (hint hint to the powers that be) And balancing the monetary demands of school, USC, and of the exciting new hobby will be a challenge -- but I know it'll be worth it when I can hop on that ride...I get chills just thinking about it.

Keep up the good work, this site is definately helpful and exciting!
I hope to have some great stories to share here soon!

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