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Here I go again

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Well I just got the bike back on the road, after being down for two and a half weeks, and I just noticed that my clutch is slipping. Gets a little jumpy in 2nd at about 7 grand, then it catches itself real quick. The new parts should be in by next week. I should be ok just taking it nice and easy back and forth to work for a couple days. It shifts ok, just slips once a while if I'm honking it in 2nd. Should be like a new bike after that. Is 22 thousand miles bad for a stock clutch...Ridden hard, but never abused/neglected on anything!!!Jimmy G

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It's possible to blow a clutch in one afternoon, if high rev take off's are your thing.

22 thou, nah. If you've had fun, sounds ok.

You could be up for some new plates.

Is the feel, through the lever soft, or do you need forearms like Arnold to engage?

If it is soft, you may want to consider uprated springs. It will make it harder to pull the lever in, but longer life may make it easier to live with?
:) :)


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