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I'm in need of an engine, a complete car/cart kit. I'm going to be installing this engine into a buggy, so I need every single motor associated part, everything except the battery to mount this thing into a buggy and go tear it up.

I already bought a 2001 GSXR-600 engine, but I'm afraid that this engine isn't going to have nearly enough low end power, so I'm back looking for a replacement. By the way, if you need a 2001 GSXR600 engine with 5600 miles on it, email me at [email protected] .

Preferably, I'd like a V-Twin engine. I'm looking for engines from 600cc to 1000cc. I need the engine to have low end power, so small bore (below say 700cc) 4-cylinders are out of the picture. If the engine is above 750cc or so, then a 4cylinder would work.

So, to sum it up, here are my requirements:
>High torque
>Preferably V-Twin
>Engines above 750cc may be 4cylinders, but I'd still prefer a twin
>Newer than ~1995
>Good running order
>Complete car kit with all motor associated parts
>Reasonable price

Please contact me at [email protected] or post here if you have/know where I can find what I need.

Mods, please leave this message here, this forum gets the most traffic.

Thanks guys!!
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